'Giving birth can be the most empowering experience of a lifetime- an initiation a new dimension of mind-body awareness.'  (Ina May Gaskin, Birth Matter 2011.)

Most women that have used Hypnobirthing have explained birth as being one of the most empowering and wonderful experiences of their lives. This practice allows you to understand the power of the mind and to harness and use tools to keep yourself calm and confident throughout birth. KGhypnobirthing classes are in-depth antenatal education to prepare and equip parents to have the knowledge to make informed choice for pregnancy and birth.  KGHypnobirthing redefines birthing a baby and releases the fear of birth. This practice promotes confidence for parents to ask why? To be confident in themselves to make their own choices and feel supported to do so. We will discuss and practice deep relaxation and visualisation to use throughout your pregnancy and birth. You will be educated to understand your pregnant body and the mechanism of labour.  

The 6 C's 


Choice- Having choice about your pregnancy and birth. Able to ask why and tell your care giver. what you want.

 control- By having choice you will feel very much in control of your birth. 

 confidence- feeling confident allows your body to produce those happy hormones to create a harmonious birth journey.  

calm- promotes a calm environment allowing you to make informed, educated choices 

comfort- having a comfortable birth environment creates serenity, allowing your body to carry out its natural process

communication- this is imperative so everyone is on the same page to enable your birth journey to be all your envisioned. 

You will learn; 

.How to empower yourself as a birthing woman

.The power of your mind

.To reach deep relaxation through scrips and visualisation

.To use triggers to get into deep relaxation when needed. 

.Breathing techniques 

.Understanding the birthing body

.How to promote the correct hormones to allow the body to work in harmony 

. labour and birth 

.Practical notes for you and your partner around preparation for your babies arrival 

. We will discuss intervention. Why? is it necessary? 

.How practice makes perfect

The benefits for mum:

.Feel calm and in control 

.Understanding your body

.Knowledge if power

.Release the fear of birth

.Reduce anxiety

.Deep relaxation

.Reduce need for medication during the birth 

.Reduce length of labour

The benefits for baby:

.Optimising babies birth position

.Baby will be born into a calm environment 

.Knowing your body allows you to understand your baby