Course format -

One to one course in the comfort of your own home. I will provide 4 sessions lasting approx 2.5 hours per session. We can arrange how to 4 session will be split up together. They can be carried out over a 4 week period at max or we can tailor the time over a shorter period of time, i am very flexible.

Full KGhynobirthing course cost-£350.  

When to start-

You can commence the courses at any point in pregnancy. Earlier the better, as practice makes perfect with hypnobirthing. I would advise starting from 24 weeks. However you can start at any point so please get in touch at any stage of pregnancy, early or late. 


- Full KGHypnobirthing course pack

-KGH book by Katerine Graves

- 3 Free relaxation audios by Katherine Graves 

- One to one tailored hypnobirthing support and information. 

If you are still slightly unsure about trying hypnobirthing i provided a short taster session of no longer than an hour for free, to meet me and get some further information around the course i provided. 

To discuss your individual requirements and availability, please feel free to give me a call for a consultation or email for more details. A course can be booked with a £50 deposit and the balance is due one week before the course starts.  

Alternatively to book email at or call 07776266059. 

This course is certified by KGHypnobirthing . The KGHypnobirthing courses are RCM accredited and will be taught by a registered midwife. 

See their website for more information: