About me

Hello my name is Lucy I am a registered/ practicing midwife and hypnobirthing teacher. My passion is educating women to be able to make the best choice for their birth. I want women to be able to feel informed and respected through their pregnancy and birth, feeling educated and understanding the process. I feel midwifery and hypnobirthing go hand in hand allowing women to achieve a birth they desire. I have worked with women for years and the biggest complaint is that they didn't feel they understood what was happening to them and why. KGhypnobirhting can change this. 

I have been a midwife for 5 years and first came into contact with hypnobirthing 2 years ago. I have worked in 2 different health boards. One of which is a standalone birthing unit. This unit provided care to women who had no complications and were keen to have as natural a birth as they could achieve. Therefore many women adopted that school of hypnobirthing as a method to allow a natural birth. I watched with wonder as many women came through our doors in so much control and with so much knowledge on pregnancy and birth. I watched gentle, calm, uncomplicated birth unfold with little to no aid from myself. It was inspirational even to be a part of; hence the reason I became a hypnobirthing teacher. I want all women to have this experience and be able to feel empowered for their pregnancy and most importantly birth. 

Registered midwife 

Glasgow Caledonian University , Bachelors in midwifery 

Hypnobirthing teacher 

KGHypnorthing teacher, DipHb (KGH)